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Betty's Bunnies 

We raise and breed quality purebred and pedigreed Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lop Rabbits, and aim to better type and quality to meet ARBA’s SOP of the breed while working with rabbit genetics ❣🐰 

Registered with ARBA, ANDRC & HLRSC

Located in Central Florida ☀️

We may have your perfect rabbit if you’re looking for FFA, 4H, showing or even a pet ❤️


I'm not the best with social media or checking messages on there.

Please email us for quickest response at


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About Us 

Betty's Bunnies is an individually owned rabbitry located in Central Florida. I absolutely love all type of animals, and believe that all should be treated with as much love, respect and care as one can provide.  

I was born and raised in England with our parents owning an agricultural business and a farm that we had many sheep, cows, horses, chickens and rabbits. We moved to Florida back in 2006. However, the farming life stuck. We continued to have sheep, horses, cows, chickens, and later decided to have rabbits once again. In 2018, we became registered with ARBA and ANDRC, after falling in love with the Netherland Dwarf breed. However, my mother wanted to focus on her birds (Copperfield Silkies), so I became my own. Betty's Bunnies was officially established in Feb. 2020, and we became online Jan. of 2021. In May of 2021, we became registered with HLRSC and proud breeders of pedigreed/purebred Holland Lops. 

Our goals are to have quality rabbits that strive to ARBA’s SOP of those breeds, while working with colour genetics, including the vienna/bew and broken gene, self, agouti, otter, marten and others, and of course, we aim to have extremely sweet, social and loving babies for FFA, 4H, showing or even if you’re just looking for a new family member. Rabbits come in both “pet” quality and “show” potential, where I believe that they have qualities that may do well in showing, but still an amazing pet. Not every colour rabbit is showable. They may be beautiful, but rabbits such as VM or harlequin are NOT showable. We have both showable and non-showable colours. All rabbits are pet quality, but only so many are show potential. Two grand champion rabbits may still produce pet quality rabbits. 

We are a closed rabbitry, so do not allow visitors. We meet local to Ocala, Fl (up to an hour free of charge), or we may work with transport if you live further than an hour of Ocala (meeting must be done in a public area). 

Please make sure you view our sales policy prior to inquiring about any rabbits.  

I'm not the biggest advocate for technology, so I do apologise ahead of time if I don't respond quickly. However, that being said I do try my best at responding as fast as I can and in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me! The best way to reach me is email (, but am available on Facebook. (Again, I apologise for delayed responses, as I am sure this may happen, but I do get many messages and I do try my best to reply to all. If I have not replied, please do not hesitate to message again!!!)


Please follow us on Facebook for updates and watch as some babies grow. We do keep both our Facebook and our website current and update both extremely often to stay up to date. 


Have a bunny-full day! ❣🐰

Betty's Bunnies™
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