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Available Rabbits (Copperfield’s)

Copperfield Lops is Betty’s Mum. Most of her sale’s policies are the same. Please contact her first if interested in any of her rabbits (Copperfields Silkies on Facebook) or you may contact me. 

Price depends on quality, age, sex, colour, and will differ per bunny. If you adopt two or more, we will do a deal. Price may change at any time without notice, and sometimes we do have cheaper rabbits. 

Rabbits will either be pet quality or may be in our opinion of show potential. *True potential cannot be known for any rabbit under the age of 12 - 16 weeks, but even then they still have growing to do and may still change. Pedigrees available, unless stated otherwise. 

*If you’re 4h or ffa let me know!

Pending = waiting for payment on deposit/baby may be younger than age for deposit. 

Reserved = no longer available/waiting upon pickup. 

Please email us for quickest response! (I apologise ahead of time for delayed response, but please bear with me) 

We are located near Ocala, Fl, and meet in or around Ocala, or may work with some transporters. 

🚨**MOBILE USERS - Pictures of the rabbits are listed BELOW the name** 🚨

Updated 12/24/23

Keep an eye out for some babies  below who will be soon or already available! Follow us on Facebook, or email us at or for updates!

Copperfield's "Caramello" - $150

Copperfield's "Caramello"



DOB: 11/23/23

Ready to go: 1/18/23

Price - $150

Dam: SF's "Summer" - Chocolate

Sire: FB's "Caramel" - Chocolate - 2 show legs 

Partial pedigree

Broken Chocolate English Spot. Buck. Sire is has two show legs. Great temperament.


English Spots are a more energetic breed and need the room and space to have exercise/run.

May make nice potential show/4h/ffa rabbit, or may make a great addition to breeding programme, or if you are just looking for a pet!

Accepting 50% non-refundable deposits now to hold

RTG - 1/18/23

Please let me know if ffa/4h or youth exhibitor!

Can meet in or around Ocala, Fl, or may work with transport! Please email us at for quickest response! 

Copperfield "Lops" are not only about the rabbits! Copperfields Silkies/Tracy is better known for her contribution and involvement in the Silkie and poultry world!


Please contact her for any questions in regards to birds, eggs and/or pricing!

She typically sells eggs year round, and sometimes has chicks. Please contact her for your poultry/Silkie needs!


Mention Betty's Bunnies sent you for an exclusive price!

Click here to get to her Facebook!

Betty's Bunnies™
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