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Netherland Dwarfs

Please read our sales policy. All of our babies are handled from birth, so are going to be friendly and socialised.❣

Price depends on quality, age, sex, colour, if any show legs, etc., and may differ per bunny. If you adopt two or more, we will do a deal. Price may change at any time without notice, and sometimes we do have cheaper rabbits. 

Rabbits will either be pet quality or may be in our opinion of show/brood potential.

*True potential cannot be known for any rabbit under the age of 12 - 16 weeks, but even then they still have growing to do and may still change.

Pedigrees available, unless stated otherwise. 

*If you’re 4h or ffa - please let me know!

Pending = waiting for payment on deposit/baby may be younger than age for deposit. 

Reserved = no longer available/waiting upon pickup. 

Please email us for quickest response! (I apologise ahead of time for delayed response, but please bear with me) 

We are located near Ocala, Fl, and meet in or around Ocala, or may work with some transporters.
🚨**MOBILE USERS - Pictures of the rabbits are listed BELOW the name** 🚨

Updated: 1/4/24

Keep an eye out for some babies who will be soon or already available! Follow us on Facebook or email us at for updates!


1/4/24 - We haven't had any available Netherland Dwarfs in a while, however, hopefully this year we will have more successful breedings!

Please read our sales policy for pricing

Betty's Bunnies™
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