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Sales Policy

Betty's Bunnies Sales Policy - (UPDATED 9/20/2022) 

First and foremost, PLEASE do your own research before committing to adopting a rabbit. Rabbits are long-lived companions, that require daily care and attention. They may live up to or over 10 years old! I am more than willing to help and aid in care and set up, however, I am under the assumption that you have done your own research. I have got a bunny tip page, but please also do additional research of your own! ❤️

• Our rabbits are held and sold on a first come, first serve basis. I do reply on a first come, first serve basis, even if I may take a while to respond. 

• Please text me (if you have my number - I do NOT just give my number out), message me on Facebook, or email me if you have any questions (best contact - You are also welcome to find Tracy Jenner or Copperfield Silkies on Facebook, too. She is my mother, and we do work together in many aspects with our rabbits.


• Please know that I am usually very busy (and have health issues) and do try to respond as soon as possible, which sometimes may be longer than 24 hours. I may respond quickly, but other times it may not be so fast. There is no need to message multiple times, but if I haven’t gotten back in over 48 hours, please reach out again! 


• Our goal is to better type and quality to meet ARBA’s SOP of the breed, and to have quality rabbits that are extremely lovable. I also work with different colour programmes and heavily with rabbit genetics. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! Our rabbits are great for those who are into showing, 4H or FFA, or who are just simply looking to find a new member to add to their family! 


•  Please let me know if you’re looking for a potential 4h/ffa rabbit, as I would rather set you up for success than a pet quality rabbit that is unable to show. 

• Our website is updated frequently, including available rabbits. I do ask you to check these tabs out before asking what is available. If nothing is posted, this means we likely have no available rabbits. However, please email us and ask as we may have a Sr or a growout that we may be moving on.

• Rabbits are either "show/brood potential" or "pet quality" in what is my opinion. We cannot guarantee show placing, even if rabbit has placed with us. 

• True show potential cannot be known for any rabbit under the age of about 12 - 14 weeks (even then still have growing to do), but may have a general idea on how they grow. They may still change dramatically as a Sr. compared to how they are as a Jr. Some rabbits may win legs as a Jr, but don't get too far in their Sr career. We typically start making decisions at 6-8 weeks on whether they are going to be grow outs or leaving, again at 10-12 weeks, and then again at 6 months, and so forth. 


• Price depends on type, quality, age, sex, colour, placing if shown or judged (legs, g.c., etc.), and may differ per bunny. Bunnies may even differ in price per litter and within. Our Netherland Dwarfs start at $120 and may range to $300. Our Holland Lops start at $140 and may range to $400. Please do not expect a show potential/quality rabbit at a pet quality price.

• Pedigreed rabbits may sometimes be differently priced than non-pedigreed, and may differ per rabbit within the same litter (depending on qualities, sex, type, etc.). Non-pedigreed rabbits will have a birth certificate instead (if bred at Betty's Bunnies). 

• We do occasionally move on (retired) Sr. rabbits that may be looking for a new home.They will be pet only (no pedigree), and will likely be at a much reduced price than listed above. Keep an eye out under the available tabs. 

• Sometimes a rabbit may be priced lower than above for a reduced price, sale, deal, or discount, or may be priced higher than above. Please do not openly ask for a discount.  


• We may post our babies early online, but will NOT have an exact price prior to the age of 5 weeks of age, as some may be staying. Please refer to the above for pricing range.


• Price may change at any time, but will be done PRIOR to any interests or commitments. Please do not ask for a different price other than what is listed.  

• If you adopt two or more, we may offer you a deal, but please don’t make an offer.


• If you have purchased a rabbit off us previously, we will likely offer you a deal, but please don't ask. 

• A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold a bunny. Babies/rabbits are reserved on a first come first serve basis. If something happens to your bunny while in my care, we will refund your deposit or you can pick another bunny. If you place a deposit and change your mind, your deposit will not be refunded. 

• Deposits may be transferred to another rabbit, under our discretion and if another rabbit is currently available. 

• Deposits are accepted when bunny reaches at least 6-8+ weeks. No rabbit will leave before 8 weeks old. Remaining balance is due upon pick up/prior to transport.

• We will hold a rabbit by mouth if they are under the age of 6 weeks, but once they turn 6 weeks of age, deposit is required within 72 hours. 

• If deposit isn't received within 72 hours, you may lose the opportunity of reserving the rabbit, and we may move onto the next potential adopter.  

• I accept payment through Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, and of course cash. (Please send via friends & family!)

• Gender mistakes do happen. Genders are not guaranteed unless a Sr. I do continually check their sex up until they leave my rabbitry. We do ask for you to check/verify this upon pick up.


• If gender is incorrect and you were wanting the opposite sex, we may offer a different rabbit or provide a credit for a future rabbit after confirming incorrect sex. No refunds will be given after two weeks from leaving. If sex is incorrect prior to leaving, we may offer another rabbit that is available of correct sex in place, or you may opt for refund or wait for the correct sexed baby of a future litter and get first pick. 

We are located near Ocala, FL, but we are a closed rabbitry and do not have visitors. We can meet in or around Ocala (within an hour of distance from us), or may work with transport.

• Meeting must be scheduled ahead of notice, and be done in a public area. We are willing to drive up to an hour free of charge. I usually am pretty flexible on meeting, just please let me know as soon as you can.


• Anything outside of Ocala, we may ask for a delivery fee*, or recommend transport options. You are responsible for your own transport - setting up, paying for and collection of the rabbit.


• You can ask us for personal private transport local to you (meeting to be done in public area) for a fee* within the state of Florida or bordering states. Payment is required before transport.

*up to 1hr but over an 45 minutes from Ocala, $30 additional may be added to final price. This must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to date, and meeting to be in a public area. 

*up to 2hrs but over an 1hr from Ocala, $50 additional to be added to final price - including tolls if needed (more than hour, but nothing more than 2hrs). This must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to date, and meeting to be in a public area. 


*anything over 2hrs from Ocala, starting at $80+ additional to be added to final price - including tolls if needed. Final price of rabbit with transport will be determined upon time of communication. This must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to date, and meeting to be in a public area, or we may recommend looking into other transport options if we are unable. 

• We will attempt to reach out to you at least three different times near to the date they are ready. If we still do not have a response, we will relist the rabbit and you will lose your deposit the third day after the date they are ready. 

• Bunnies do come in a cardboard box (unless coming by third-party transport), however, you're welcome to bring your own carrier. I recommend doing so if you are making a long trip.

• We do occasionally work with transporters. No refunds will be given for rabbits that get sick on transport. We guarantee good health of the rabbit prior to leaving or for transport. Once a rabbit leaves our hands and is transported by anyone other than us, we have no responsibility whatsoever for anything that could potentially happen to the rabbit in transport.

• Transport is to be paid for and set up by you. I may offer recommendations, but you must set the actual transport up. You must bring your own carrier as they usually do not have them. We are not responsible for any conflict between you and transporter.

• A 50% non-refundable deposit to hold bunny once transport has been set up. Full payment must be received prior to dropping off for transport. 

• If for some reason you cannot keep your bunny, I will gladly take them back. No questions asked. However, no refunds will be given. You may also try to rehome the rabbit, but I just ask to please just let me know. 

• We guarantee that the rabbit is healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. The health of your rabbit is guaranteed on the day of sale/transport pick-up as follows: There are no visible signs of disease, diarrhea, eye or nasal discharge, malocclusion, infections, wounds, abscesses, broken bones or other deformities. We cannot guarantee that the rabbit will not pick up an illness, ailment or injury during its lifetime or during 3rd party transport.


• If you have any major questions or concerns down the line, we advise you to go to your local veterinarian, or you may try contacting us. We are not responsible for any vet fees, any vaccinations, or spaying/neutering.

• We will not promise rabbit’s personality, fertility, or promise wins or successful production.

• We cannot guarantee what a Jr. will look like as a Sr., nor can we guarantee how well a rabbit will place on the show table. I cannot guarantee that any rabbit will win at a show, even if we have previous wins. I also cannot guarantee any rabbit sold will be a good breeder or a good mother, even if they have produced well for me. I will be honest if rabbit is proven with me or has not had any successful litters or kits. 

• We have the right to stop a sale and/or cancel a sale at any time for any reason. If we cancel a sale, we will offer any refund of payments that had been made previously.  

• Total amount must be paid in full before taking possession/setting up transport of the rabbit.

• By submitting payment, you understand and agree to the sales policy. 


• Betty’s Bunnies reserves the right to make changes to their sales policy at any time without any notice to applicants or potential customers. However, shall be done prior to any commitment. 

Betty's Bunnies™
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