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Why we don't allow visitors

Betty's Bunnies is a closed rabbitry.

A closed rabbitry means that a breeder does not allow visitors into their home/rabbitry.


1. Privacy and security - One of the most important reasons for many breeders. Everyone has the right to protect their house and where they live at. We appreciate your understanding in respecting our privacy. 

2. Biosecurity - Another very important reason. Biosecurity is to protect our animals (not only bunnies) against diseases or harmful biological agents. There are several diseases that are highly contagious that are airborne or can spread through our hands, clothing and shoes to rabbits and other animals. 

3. Spooking our rabbits - Sometimes unfamiliar people can be startling to rabbits. Pregnant or nursing does may cause accidental harm to their babies. Adults may become spooked. 

4. Liability and safety - Someone may slip, fall, or get bitten, which is not only a concern to buyers but to breeders who may be sued. 

Where we are a closed rabbitry, meeting must be done in a public place (unless doing transport), and must be done ahead of notice, unless otherwise arranged. 

We will gladly meet you in or around Ocala (up to an hour within distance), or may work with transport. *This has to be set up and paid for by you*

We greatly appreciate your understanding. 

Betty's Bunnies™
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